Transform your Appearance with the Magic of Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler


Botox and Dermal Fillers: The Perfect Pairing for a Youthful and Refreshed Look


If you’re looking to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and facial volume, then you may be considering Botox and dermal fillers. These two injectable treatments are highly effective at rejuvenating the skin and can be used on their own or in combination for optimal results.


What is Botox?


Botox is a neuromodulator that is injected into specific muscles in the face to relax wrinkles and fine lines. It is most commonly used to treat wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows (also known as the “11s”), and around the eyes (known as “crow’s feet”). By relaxing these muscles with Botox, you can achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance. The effects of Botox can last up to three months, at which point the treatment can be repeated to maintain the desired results.


What are dermal fillers?


Dermal fillers are injectables that are used to add volume and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. They are made of various substances, such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid, which help to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the structure of the skin. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the lips, cheeks, and jawline, as well as to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. The effects of dermal fillers can last up to 12 months, depending on the specific product used.


What is the cost of Botox and dermal fillers?


The cost of Botox and dermal fillers can vary depending on the specific treatment and the amount of product used. At our practice, we are currently offering a special package deal for 3 areas of Botox and 1 ml of dermal filler for £350. This is a fantastic value and a great way to achieve a youthful and refreshed look.

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