From £350

Face​, Body

35-60 minute treatment 

Lanluma is a highly effective collagen stimulating injectable range that smoothes, shapes and sculpts both face and body.

The proven formula boosts patient collagen production for beautifully natural-looking results.

Lanluma is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulant.

Why is it different?

Lanluma isn’t the same as other fillers, because it doesn’t simply ‘fill up’ areas like HA fillers. In fact, PLLA particles get to work deep within the skin to activate the body’s own natural collagen response – so the volume created is long-lasting, with results lasting up to two years post-procedure.

Is Lanluma like Sculptra?

No its better and can be used on the whole body

​Face Lanluma is priced at £350 per vial | Bum Lanluma is priced at £2000

Download our Lanluma brochure here | Aftercare can be downloaded here