Enerpeel – £130

25- 40 minute treatment 

We are proud to offer EnerPeel® as our primary medical range of chemical peels that we use in our clinic. Due to its clever patented carrier ingredient that allows greater absorption of the peel while reducing skin surface redness and peeling by up to 50%, EnerPeel® offers minimal downtime and fantastic results.

TCA (Trichloroacetic acid)

EnerPeel® TCA 25% is a medium to deep acting remodelling solution. Delivered within an EnerPeel® carrier solution; it is taken deep into the skin before being released to increase the dermal effect on promoting maximum fibre development, whilst also stimulating old fibre matrix breakdown. Thus, bound fibres causing wrinkles and lines can be replaced by a more mobile fluid collagen-elastin matrix, resulting in visibly smoother and flatter skin. We also aim to better control epidermal trauma and erythema (redness) by reducing the TCA’s activity at the surface.


  • Ice-Pick Scars

  • Photo-ageing

  • Scarring

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Excessive pore size