Welcome to Aesthetic Expert South Shields

About The Clinic

Established over 20 years ago by Jill Butler

After working for mainly the NHS for 20 plus years, Jill was fortunate to steer into the direction of aesthetic medicine.

After taking a number of courses focussed on wrinkle relaxing injectables, Jill slowly started building a clientbase, which grew and grew until the point she was ready to open Aesthetic Expert South Shields. As they say, the rest is history!


The first clinic opened its doors in the year 2000, after only a short number of years we outgrew the location and now you can find us in the prime location, right across from our Town Hall, with huge amounts of parking directly behind us and ample space for the various skilled practitioners that work with us and our clients. 

Jill Butler has travelled the world to find the best aesthetic teachers over decades, as a master of her craft she has won countless awards and best of all, she’s right here in little old South Shields.

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