Advanced Dermal Filler


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Advanced Dermal Filler Course

Jaw Contouring . Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. Cheeks. Mid Face

1 day Course


Suitable for medical professionals with the following registration. GMC, GDC, NMC, and HCPC demonstrate clinical experience within their current job role.

Course content:

This is a hands-on course that includes theory and practice on models. Groups are limited to small numbers only. Lunch is provided each day.

  • Vasculature of the face
  • Facial A&P
  • Contraindications and Adverse Effects advanced
  • Injection areas and techniques
  • Managing risks & complications and aftercare
  • ACE guidelines
  • Practice on live models

Graduation Session

We will provide sufficient live models for your practice sessions. Students will be very carefully observed and assessed to ensure that they are confident enough to go and work on their own or as part of a professional Aesthetics Clinic. Your graduation is combined with a live clinical experience and mentor session.


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