Full Skin Booster and Mesotherapy Course (includes Free Microneedling course worth £650)



# Course Title: Full Skin Booster and Mesotherapy Course (£1000)

## Overview
Embark on a comprehensive, one-day training journey designed to master the latest techniques in skin booster and mesotherapy treatments. This course, priced at £1000, includes a bonus Free Microneedling course valued at £650. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with a full range of polynucleotide products, including Lumieye for under-eye treatment, 70 Hyal, Nucleofill, and the complete Infini Mesotherapy range. This course equips practitioners to effectively address acne skin problems, rejuvenate skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands, treat stretch marks, and perform hair rejuvenation. Additionally, practitioners will learn the 8-point lift technique to deliver outstanding results.

## Course Objectives
– Gain expertise in using polynucleotide products for various treatments.
– Master the administration of Lumieye for under-eye rejuvenation.
– Learn advanced mesotherapy techniques for skin rejuvenation across different body areas.
– Develop skills to treat acne skin problems and stretch marks effectively.
– Understand the principles and practice of hair rejuvenation treatments.
– Acquire proficiency in the 8-point lift technique for comprehensive facial enhancement.

## Course Benefits
– Intensive hands-on training with a range of advanced products.
– Complimentary Microneedling course worth £650.
– Practical experience on models under the guidance of an expert trainer.
– Comprehensive knowledge to expand your treatment offerings.
– Enhanced ability to deliver tailored and effective treatments for diverse skin concerns.
– Certification of completion to showcase your advanced skills.

## Who Should Attend?
– Aesthetic medical practitioners
– Dermatologists
– Plastic surgeons
– Nurse practitioners and physician assistants specializing in cosmetic treatments
– Licensed medical professionals seeking to advance their expertise in skin rejuvenation and mesotherapy

Elevate your practice with cutting-edge techniques in skin booster and mesotherapy treatments. This course provides the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional results and expand your service offerings. Join us for an immersive learning experience and take advantage of the added value of a free microneedling course. Secure your spot and transform your approach to aesthetic treatments today.


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